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Encouraging the next generation

We take work experience seriously

Encouraging young people to develop and learn is something we enjoy, after all, they are our experts of the future!

If you would like to spend some time at Nomad learning about what we do and spending time with our teams, please get in touch!


Below, you’ll find insights from our work experience students. As part of their time in the Marketing team, they can write a blog (if they want) and have it published!


During my week at Nomad, I visited a plethora of departments ranging from procurement to Quality Assurance. As one could expect, my interests in the individual departments were varied. Spending time in R&D and Marketing seemed to fly by.

When I met Michael and Alvin from Research and Development, my interest peaked. Exploring the mammoth amount of equipment in the Lab was very entertaining whilst enriching. After our trip to the lab had concluded, I was sat at Michael’s desk as he explained the ins and outs of how R&D operates in accordance with rules and the customers requests. He showed me the gargantuan command of code required to perform effectively as his job, which really depicted how hard-working life can be and how demanding most roles in a business really are. This gave me insight that only work experience could.

Work experience with James

My personal interest in technology stems from when I was young

Fulled by the quantities of gadgets we’d have in the house and my father’s passion for hardware. Fast forward 10 years, and that passion to learn and invent still sits deep. My choices of Math’s, Physics and Chemistry A levels, will allow me to proceed further to university, where I can delve further in to Astro-Engineering (my desired career).

My work experience at Nomad has been essential in highlighting the way the real world operates without completely putting me off ever getting a job. I feel this experience has been valuable in helping me understand work relationships and the obligation to meet deadlines, as deadlines are extremely important when it comes to rockets.

My aim for life would be to create a manned space station launch, with a wide orbit of earth the moon or possibly mars allowing for a reduction in price when transporting goods or people between the planets. And with my experience this week at Nomad I feel confident approaching a career on the right foot.

During my week at Nomad Digital, I believe I learnt a lot of useful information and many new things. I was shown around and told about the different departments and what they do and also all about the process of getting WiFi on trains and how that all works.

This work experience appealed to me because I am interested in having a future in IT and I thought the Nomad experience would further my knowledge, and let me see first hand some of the jobs you can get that involve IT.

The staff here are very welcoming, supportive and friendly. They make you feel like part of the team and have helped me significantly throughout my week of work experience. Some of the team told me what their journey to Nomad was like, so from their current position right now, to how they did in School, College and University. I also heard about how they have been promoted from certain roles to others over a short time. Showing that Nomad really care about there people.

Work experience with Jack

I visited a lot of different departments over my week

Departments such as, IT & Desktop Support, DevOps, SysAdmin, QA, Procurement, Service Desk and Marketing. I think spending time with these departments will help to open many future options for me. I enjoyed my time with QA the most because I was shown the whole process of quality assurance and how the WiFi on trains work.

Overall, I would recommend Nomad Digital as a place to seek for work experience, if you’re interested in a career involving IT. I learnt a lot during my week here and I hope it might open a few doors to jobs in the future, that I would be interested in doing.