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Discover OBIS - On Board Information System

Brought to you by our team of experts, our next generation OBIS can enhance the passenger experience by combining real-time journey information and infotainment on a single platform.

OBIS is designed to deliver on-demand, managed-content directly to passenger devices, such as tablets, smartphones, or laptops, as well as serving real-time passenger journey information and announcements on platforms and on-board screens.

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Providing distributed infotainment and commercial content controlled using scheduled programming technology and real-time passenger journey and operational information, OBIS allows operators to deliver both types of content in accordance with infrastructure, the nature of the market and specific journey types:

  • the next station and connection information
  • timetables
  • live news
  • on-board entertainment
  • moving maps
  • voice-to-text/text to-voice announcements

The key benefits of OBIS are:

  • Increase passenger satisfaction, reduce complaint levels and enquiry handling costs
  • Potential for monetisation through advertisements & content providers
  • Adaptable to changing market demands & scalable to other applications
  • Cost effective & flexible
  • Unique user experience on both mobile devices & fixed on-board screens
  • Operators can create exclusive, custom updates and manage the content provider with single platform application.