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Delivering WiFi, on-board media and infotainment to Eurostar’s passengers

press release

(Newcastle Upon Tyne, 30 March 2016) Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail sector, has successfully partnered with Eurostar to deliver WiFi and on-board entertainment to passengers travelling on Eurostar’s new fleet of state-of-the-art e320 trains.

In a partnership which involved close collaboration with GoMedia – the provider of on-board media and infotainment services – Nomad led the design, development and implementation of a key set of services, ensuring that Eurostar’s passengers can enjoy free WiFI throughout their journey.  Once connected, customers can access more than 300 hours of popular TV shows and movies, as well as news, games, magazines, and a live moving location map.

At the very heart of enabling the provision of streamed and loaded media and infotainment content is Nomad Digital’s market-leading connectivity solution. Nomad’s IP connectivity backbone utilises WiFi infrastructure to integrate hardware needed to host the infotainment and media portal, and has the flexibility to integrate additional passenger services, thus providing the assurance of a service delivery platform that is future-proofed.

Nomad Digital said “We are very happy to partner with Eurostar, in what is a collaborative and strategic approach to delivering innovative passenger services, which we believe will significantly enhance the Eurostar value-proposition and passenger experience.”

About Eurostar

Over the next three years Eurostar is introducing 17 new e320 trains into its fleet and is carrying out a programme of refurbishment of its original trains.

Customers travelling by Eurostar can enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Seamless city centre to city centre travel, with stations located in the heart of our destinations
  • Fast and convenient check-in-passengers are asked to arrive only 30 minutes before departure (or 10 minutes if travelling Business Premier)
  • Generous, free-of-charge baggage allowance with each passengers allowed 2 bags/suitcases and 1 piece of hand luggage
  • No queues or baggage reclaim upon arrival – simply take your bag with you on board
  • Comfort and space on board to work or unwind


About GoMedia

The on-board entertainment platform is provided by GoMedia, Europe’s leading on-board infotainment provider