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Nomad Digital's data monitoring & reporting solutions for fleet operation insights

Using our AI and machine learning expertise, we give rail operators, through our real-time monitoring and reporting solutions, access to the power of data. This allows them to achieve improved fleet availability and operational efficiencies.

In today’s data-driven world, rail operators have the power to use fleet and passenger data to gain valuable insights that can inform decisions on operations and maintenance fleet plans.

When it comes to the fleet data available, Nomad Digital has two solutions to support operators, one being focused on real-time data and the other utilising historical data to generate advanced analytics-based reports. Both can deliver operational fleet insights tailored to specific operator requirements.

Network Management System (NMS) for real-time fleet monitoring

The Nomad Network Management System (NMS) is a mobile network operator-grade Network Monitoring Tool.

NMS provides real-time fleet monitoring down to activity on a variety of individual hardware components. The NMS is a feature-packed visual and interactive platform to monitor a fleet of vehicles. Thanks to the astonishing amount of real-time data being collected, and interconnected, real-time monitoring operators can view activity as it happens on-board via configurable KPI-driven dashboards.

Data such as fleet status and location is possible with NMS via a browser-based UI, using map and equipment views to detect, isolate and resolve issues. Fault monitoring can also use real-time alarms to ensure fast, proactive identification of issues.

In addition, through the possibility of interconnecting alarms together, NMS can provide expert level information for specific monitoring of complex situations.

Integration with incident ticketing tools supports rapid intervention, and the fact that NMS is hardware agnostic enables NMS to easily work with third-party external ticketing systems already used by the operator.

Thanks to the NMS product, operations and maintenance support teams can speed up the resolution time of incidents and faults, thereby giving operators the capability to limit service downtime and operation costs, while ensuring adherence to SLA conditions.

Data monitoring

Fleetview for advanced analytics-based reports

Fleetview is Nomad Digital’s dedicated reporting platform designed to help operators gain a competitive edge through data-driven decision making.

With a multitude of features ranging from KPI dashboards, data logging and trend analysis to predictive, Natural Language and AI/ML powered reporting, Fleetview offers operators a cloud-based big data reporting platform using advanced business intelligence (BI) practices. This entails gathering up-to-the minute fleet data and relaying it to be viewed on custom-built dashboards. As a result, reports can be tailored to show content and views relating to specific organisational requirements through relevant KPI’s.

The data precision of Fleetview makes the reporting vital to operations by empowering operators to identify and analyse holistic patterns in a click. The data infrastructure of the Fleetview system supports easy integration from external sources such as smart onboard sensors. Through intuitive dashboards, operators can gauge performance, identify fault patterns and stay on top of KPI’s. They have the ability to also share dashboards with key stakeholders by email subscriptions of customisable frequency, and to share links and alerts, providing valuable insights easily delivered to the right people.

Whilst providing important operational information, Fleetview reports can also reflect passenger behaviour and onboard usage patterns which are vital for enhancing the passenger’s onboard experience to ensure they keep rail as their preferred mobility solution after a pleasant journey. Punctuality and reliability can be increased by proactively managing disruption, adapting passenger service accordingly and maintaining adequate passenger information throughout the process. This can be done via Fleetview daily reports together with the Nomad Digital OBIS solution.

Moreover, from the operator’s perspective, the predictive reporting feature can anticipate failures in advance, thereby avoiding in-service incidents and reducing operational and maintenance costs.

In terms of data sources, Fleetview can work with a variety of sources connected to the onboard network including train schedule data, GPS information, passenger statistics, WiFi connectivity, data usage and feedback on various other devices.

The platform also integrates smoothly within the Nomad connectivity ecosystem, allowing features to securely bring insights from various third-party sources frequently used by operators. Users can track key metrics, measure passenger expectations and experiences to industry standards.


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