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Content changes are now synchronised through OBIS

What is OBIS?

On-Board Information Services, better known as OBIS is a service deployed by passenger operating companies and are commonly found on rail and bus services. Key information can be provided to the passenger, such as:

  • Real-Time passenger journey
  • Operational information
  • Multi-media infotainment and advertising

Typical Examples

Synchronous visual and audio communication to passengers, better quality announcements and centrally controlled targeted text messaging are great examples of OBIS. More specifically, passengers can engage with:

  • Maps and routes
  • Timetables
  • Next stop and connection information
  • Disruption messages or operational updates
  • Live news
  • On-board rail entertainment

For rail operators, OBIS provides perfect tools and services to assist them in doing their jobs by providing all required information on on-train user interfaces and handheld devices.

Man holding a tablet on a train

Technology Evolving

Nomad Digital is always striving to create and innovate the latest technology in rail and bus transportation. Our OBIS solution has been developed with the operator’s needs in mind and the passenger as the end-user.

Content changes are now synchronized through various types and groups of equipment – all changing on screens at the same time, announcements inline – events trigged on various types of devices (driven by OBIS). The operator sends alerts and chooses key news/events to show, driven by the journey rather than the passenger and can show both videos and messaging in sync creating a professional environment on the train.

Key Benefits

The benefits to implementing our OBIS solution are endless however we have highlighted a few:

  • A single platform solution for a better passenger rail travel experience, reducing anxiety and uncertainty
  • Cost-effective and flexible
  • Unique user experience on both mobile devices and fixed on-board screens
  • Adaptable to changing market demands and scalable to other applications
  • A seamless and intelligent passenger experience, increasing passenger satisfaction, reducing complaint levels and enquiry handling costs
  • Potential for monetisation through advertisements and content providers
  • Operators can create exclusive custom updates and manage the content provider with a single platform application
  • Aligned with the Americans Disabilities Act – it established a national US standard for onboard signage
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About Nomad

We are a specialist in intelligent transport, offering benefits to passengers and operators by improving connectivity on the move. The integration of Nomad Digital solutions into the on-board environment improves levels of passenger satisfaction, connectivity, journey information and entertainment, whilst increasing the operational efficiency of the fleet. We have over 140 customers on a global scale.

Credit to our technical expert Marc Schrader for supporting this piece.