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Celebrating World Product Day with Jan Haegeman

Today is all about celebrating the craft and community of Product Management.

Whether you work within Product or aspire to one day, I hope I can inspire with my journey below.


When and why did I join Nomad Digital?

I joined Nomad Digital in April 2018, originally as Software Engineer.

The fact that the company was delivering services to end users / passengers was appealing to me, as software I had written in previous roles was either used exclusively internally or M2M (Machine-to-Machine).

To see the software I had developed in use by passengers on-board a train was a nice change of scenery and something I wanted to pursue.

Headshot of Jan Haegeman

My journey into Product Management

After graduating with a Master of Computer Science at VUB (Brussels), I started my career as a Software Engineer. I then picked up the role of Software Engineer in a few different companies.

When I joined Nomad Digital about 10 years later in 2018, I was involved in creating and maintaining our connectivity software. It was great to get involved and create software that was providing internet connectivity to millions of passengers across fleets.

I then moved into development for our real-time monitoring solution, NMS (Network Management System). As we moved into agile processes, I became Product Owner for this product, later progressing into Product Manager for both NMS and Nomad’s reporting solution Fleetview earlier this year.

The shift in mindset is interesting as I’m now looking at the bigger picture, planning out the roadmap for both products and supporting customers within the industry with their challenges using our solutions.


What is my role at Nomad Digital?

Here at Nomad Digital, we offer a broad solutions portfolio for both transport operators and builders to enhance passenger experience, real-time journey information and on-board entertainment. We can also help operators achieve improved fleet availability and operational efficiency using real-time monitoring solutions: Network Management System (NMS) and historical reporting using Fleetview. These both fall under my remit as Product Manager for Data Reporting Solutions.

My role involves guiding and managing a product throughout its life cycle, from the strategic planning and identifying market insights stage, right through to groundwork and providing support when a product is live and generating data. It’s exciting to know that significant growth and impact is being made every day through innovative and data driven solutions and being involved from the Product Management perspective is a real honour.

Various graphs to illustrate reporting and analytics

A typical workday?

As a Product Manager, I am the point of contact for all Data Reporting Solution enquiries, both internal and external.

I thrive on no day quite being the same, I communicate with a lot of different departments and discover how our products can always develop further to solve more challenges.

I liaise with the engineering teams to help them get the best out of both products, discuss ongoing roadmaps with the project teams and our customers, support marketing in making our products more visible to the industry, support pre-sales in their customer communications, and collaborate with the other product managers daily and weekly to ensure we follow a common goal across the entire company.





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