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Celebrating World Product Day 2022

Let me take this opportunity to wish all of the product enthusiasts around the globe an inspiring ‘World Product Day’. This day celebrates the ever-growing product community. You may be an engineer, a designer, a start-up founder, a product manager, or a student – at the core, you are passionate about creating better products.

As a Product professional myself, it was great to sit down and reflect on my life and journey so far.

Take some time today and celebrate your craft.

When and why did I join Nomad Digital?

I joined Nomad Digital in September 2021, so getting closer to my one year anniversary!

Taking on new challenges in a new industry has always been a big motivation for me. Nomad Digital being a world leader when it comes to vehicle and rail connectivity solutions in the transport industry was an instant appeal. Having previously worked with B2B and B2C products across different industries, switching to B2B products in mobility was a great opportunity to challenge myself and develop products that touch millions of lives.

What is my role at Nomad Digital?

I’m the Product Manager for the ‘Insights’ suite of products which are our data driven products at Nomad Digital.

The product suite here is innovative with several running Minimum Viable Products (MVP’s) focussing on enhancing the passenger experience. The products I am responsible for include the versatile fleet monitoring tool; Network Monitoring System (NMS), a big data-based reporting platform; Fleetview and a one-stop mobile app for Field Engineers; Nomad Navigator. As Product Manager, my role is to guide products, and manage/own the product line life cycle ranging from identifying market requirements for current and future products, strategic planning, groundwork to MVP’s, providing product support, defining Go-to-Market strategy, product roadmaps to name just a few.

It’s exciting to be working at the forefront of data driven solutions while building industry defining products.

My journey into Product Management?

This won’t surprise you, like many Product Managers, I belong to both technology and management. I’ve been obsessed with tech since I can remember and love the idea of building truly data driven, and customer focussed products that solve real world problems.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering which helped me build a strong base around technology. Having worked on cutting-edge technology projects in both big and small agile teams has helped me understand my passion for leveraging technology to solve customer problems. I moved towards understanding customer problems, proposing designs and six sigma-based solutions and found myself inspired by the field of Product Management.

Following some time spent across various industries, I chose to strengthen my career as a Product Manager and pursued my MBA from Durham University. This proved to be a life-changing experience, learning about stakeholder management, pricing strategies, product strategies and gained invaluable knowledge of synergising technology with management.

A typical workday?

The best part of being a Product Manager is that no two days are the same, and you get to experience a lot! I sit within the Product Management organization and work constantly with several functions.

In reality, there isn’t a typical day in the life of a Product Manager. A ‘so-called’ typical day can be divided into proactive work and supporting the needs of the business.

I usually start my day with a hot cup of coffee on my desk during a dedicated market watch hour where I keep a tab on the new tech trends, identify strategic fit with our offerings and potential growth opportunities for the products.

A typical day could involve calls with Business Development teams, coordinating with Engineering Teams, or working with Marketing to share our innovative product range with our market and customers. Collaborating is an essential regular task for my role.

Feedback loops are priceless. I speak with internal and external stakeholders to capture raw feedback around product experience and improvement opportunities frequently. A lot of this feedback funnels into strategic tasks so I also keep some dedicated time away from meetings to contribute towards product strategy.

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