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We like to provide our own insights and thoughts via our blog and industry articles.

How will Covid-19 affect high ridership season

As Quarter Four (Q4), otherwise known as “high ridership season” approaches, we take a detailed look at how Covid-19 may affect high ridership around the globe and how rail operators can remain proactive.

Sam Taylor
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The connected bus

Travelling by bus within the UK has always been a popular, affordable and an effective means of travel. In this article, we will focus on how the connected bus will benefit the operator.

Sam Taylor
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The future of rail – technological advancements

Today, technology advancements are progressing in the rail industry and are bridging the gap for some of the latest software innovations. This means a passenger's journey could become near to totally digital.

Sam Taylor
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Passenger expectations in today’s connected world – an interview with Brian Foskett


An interview Spotlight brought to you by Global Railway Review where our Head of Product Management , Brian Foskett explains how passenger expectations are developing in today’s connected world and what digital solutions are available to train operating companies as they strive to enrich the passenger experience.

Brian Foskett
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The history of WiFi is long and interesting


WiFi has very quickly become an integral part of people’s daily lives. We’ve come to expect it at home, work and in public areas. We are used to being and staying connected and will rely on WiFi to do everyday tasks such as, checking emails, finding directions and posting on Social Media.

Vicki Sloan
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That’s entertainment – a Live TV service on trains!


Today though it is a reality and last month many passengers using the Austrian national train operator ÖBB’s service got first-hand experience of just how good it is, while watching live broadcast TV coverage of UEFA’s Euro 2016 contest.

Reece Donovan
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