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We like to provide our own insights and thoughts via our blog and industry articles.

Why is the longer train journey becoming a trend?

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The longer train journey is certainly becoming a travel trend this year. It is rising to the forefront of consumers’ minds for many reasons, but the dominant factor is that train travel is the most environmental means of transportation.

Vicki Sloan
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The connected bus

Travelling by bus within the UK has always been a popular, affordable and an effective means of travel. In this article, we will focus on how the connected bus will benefit the operator.

Sam Taylor
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The evolution of WiFi

WiFi has very quickly become an integral part of people’s daily lives. We’ve come to expect it at home, work and in public areas. We are used to being and staying connected and will rely on WiFi to do everyday tasks such as checking emails, finding directions and posting on social media

Sam Taylor
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Creating an app prototype in two weeks


Today, digital transformation is already a reality in the rail market. Companies will be at different stages of their own digital transformation journeys. Some, at the beginning and some further advanced. Data is key part of digitisation, you might just be collecting it or already looking at how you can analyse it. Each stage of the data journey comes with challenges and our rail industry customers will face most of them.

Carlos Palminha
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Is there a future for WiFi on-board trains?


Everyday life is impacted by our ever-increasing expectations of the digital communications world. The more technology we have at our disposal, the more we expect from it - and if the technology doesn’t deliver to our high standards, our satisfaction levels drop.

Jeremy (3)
Jeremy Haskey
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Our vision to connect everything


Our ground-breaking vision of the ‘networked train’ from 2007 remains relevant today. Yet now we see a great opportunity to connect not just the passengers, but also train builders, maintainers and on-board staff – all of whom play a pivotal part in the passenger experience - and this is part of our future strategic vision.

Reece Donovan
Reece Donovan
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