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We like to provide our own insights and thoughts via our blog and industry articles.

What quality means to me in my role


Quality is vital in my role as Group CRM Administrator here at Nomad Digital. The accuracy of the data we draw from is so important.

Brooke Davison
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Quality in document control is key


Quality of documentation may sound minor, but the quality of a documents layout and presentation is just as important as the content of the document itself.

Amy Hedley
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What is Supplier Quality?


Supplier Quality revolves around a transparent and collaborative relationship between a customer and a supplier.

Liam Currie
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Quality within Field Service Engineering


Quality is extremely important in my line of work as a Field Service Engineer. To me it means doing the job in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

michael h photo
Michael Haymonds
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Quality within the Nomad Service Desk

Our people

Quality within the Service Desk is determined by the quality of our fault finding and more importantly our relationships with our customers.

rob (26)
Rob Kirk
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Who’s responsible for quality around here?

quality image

Every company has some form of a quality department, whether it be embedded into someone’s role or divided up across lots of different roles.

John Mills 2018
John Mills
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You can’t measure what hasn’t happened – or can you?


Companies everywhere have some form of Health & Safety (H&S) / Quality, Health, Safety Environment (QHSE) control via a dedicated department or ‘that person’ or ‘persons’ who do ‘that job’ but, what is it that ‘these’ people actually do?

John Mills 2018
John Mills
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Is safety our number one priority?


Countless companies and industries across the world claim to put safety at the top of the list. Is it really a number one priority? We consider the perspectives and where safety should actually fit in a company’s ‘must haves’.

John Mills 2018
John Mills
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