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We like to provide our own insights and thoughts via our blog and industry articles.

Are you aware of data loss prevention techniques?

Today mark’s World Backup Day, a day to raise awareness of preventative measures we can put in place to backup files and keep data secure.

Marc Redhead
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Dealing with increased data demand from operators and passengers

Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect at Nomad Digital, shares his insight into rail fleet connectivity technologies and the benefits they can bring to both operators, and the passenger experience.

headshot of Jeremy Haskey
Jeremy Haskey
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Harnessing the power of data to execute the connected passenger journey

Data has the ability to revolutionise how operations and maintenance affect the rail industry – but only if it is utilised effectively.

Joanna leach headshot
Joanna Leach
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Celebrating a great Learning @ Nomad Week 2021!

11 - 15 October 2021. Find out how we celebrated Learning @ Nomad Week with engaging training delivered via online sessions.

Faye Gibson
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Big Data and how to utilise it

Data is paramount in facilitating an excellent passenger experience. As time progresses, the role to be played by smart data is becoming increasingly clear.

Vicki Sloan
Vicki Sloan
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Nomad Digital Partner with Incremental

Nomad Digital is excited to be one of the chosen partners for this project, helping to reduce road congestion and bring about a significant decrease in carbon emissions.

Vicki Sloan
Vicki Sloan
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Developing Talent at Nomad Digital

At Nomad, nurturing talent within the business is core to our success. We are passionate about our people and celebrating their victories.

Rebecca Watson
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Mental Wealth at Nomad Digital

Samantha Link, Talent & Development Manager at Nomad Digital sits down to discuss mental wealth in the workplace.

Headshot of Samantha Link
Samantha Link
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