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Byte Night - sleeping rough for Action for Children

Byte Night 2019

Byte Night is an annual event, that supports ‘Action for Children’ by holding the UK’s largest corporate sleep outs across different cities. During its 22-year history, over £12 million has been raised to help fund services across the UK that support vulnerable children and young people to find safe and stable homes.

Team Nomad sleep rough

Some brave employees from Nomad took on the challenge  – Vicki Sloan (Global Marketing Manager), Sophie White (Global Marketing Officer), Ian Brimer (Head of Business Systems), Linzi Moran (UK HR Operations Advisor) John Mills (Head of QHSE) and Andrew Summers (Change Coordinator).

employees with camping gear

How did it go?

The team slept rough in an open-air car park all night and it was very foggy and damp (typical UK weather!). This was a really tough and challenging night, but the team got a real insight into what life would be like if things were more difficult for any of us. They all saw this as a way to understand and put themselves in the shoes of those less fortunate, making it such a worthwhile experience.

In total, team Nomad raised a total of £1,486 – well done! All money raised went directly to Action for Children.

bite night 2

Let's take a look at some comments from the team

"It was an experience to say the least and a real eye-opener. We all had warm beds to return to in the morning but for some people that is their lives, wondering where they will be sleeping each night. I am so proud of us all for staying out the whole night and for the amount of money we managed to raise!"

Linzi Moran UK HR Operations Advisor

"Byte Night 2019 was a challenge, to be honest, I don’t think I ever imagined I’d do something like it and actually see it through until the end – I like my home comforts. However, when the night came we all threw ourselves into it and made it fun. We really did have a laugh together and felt very proud of ourselves for raising money. In total we raised £1,486 and our target was £500 – we smashed it!"

Vicki Sloan Global Marketing and Events Manager