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Alstom Whitepaper: Digitalisation of Mobility


Alstom has published a new in-depth whitepaper on the topic of the Digitalisation of Mobility, showcasing how they are driving towards more sustainable and intelligent transportation.

This is a must-read, topics covered include: signalling digitalisation, multimodal transport, autonomous solutions, innovation & smarter mobility, cybersecurity, data science and green mobility.

For more sustainable and intelligent transportation

Tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires a holistic review of how we live and travel. Rail is at the heart of sustainable mobility – there is simply no cleaner collective transportation system. In terms of energy efficiency per passenger kilometre, it is the most efficient mode of public transport, as well as the most effective.

Learn how our digitalisation of mobility is driving the transport transformation – making rail operations even more competitive.

Alstom concept model 2