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Connecting Everything

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Who we are

Nomad Digital is a world leading provider of passenger and fleet management solutions to the transport industry.

We offer a broad solutions portfolio to both train operators and builders that facilitates a significantly enhanced passenger experience with seamless connectivity, real-time journey information and on-board entertainment. Improved fleet availability and operational efficiencies can also be achieved with our real-time monitoring solutions providing key data insights for operations and maintenance.

We have achieved success through innovation, skilled people and hard work. Our international impact is made possible by our people. We strive for creativity and learning and remain committed to investing in and supporting amazing technology.


The intelligent journey - connecting everything

State of the art solutions

Our product range helps improve the passenger experience and delivers efficient technology, both operating on one common platform. We are completely focused on a seamless, smart and enjoyable journey for everyone.


Enabling high bandwidth and reliable railway WiFi connectivity to the vehicle that passengers can use via multiple channels for a better experience.


Providing high levels of passenger satisfaction through our Engage Portal and passenger information systems, with access to rich media content and real-time journey information.


Allowing vehicle, operations and maintenance staff and other stakeholders access to real-time data to improve customer service, operations, capacity, availability and to reduce cost.


The provision of services and tools to help aid the protection of your passengers and your brand, from a potential cybersecurity attack across your vehicle ecosystem.

Customer Stories

Metro Trains Melbourne, improving efficiencies

The Challenge

To implement the Remote Online Condition Monitoring technology fleet-wide, on a total of more than 400 units, providing the basis for the introduction of preventative and intelligence-driven maintenance practices.

The Solution

Nomad implemented a comprehensive solution which includes train embedded software and hardware, a back-office application for data analysis and visualisation, and a railway engineering support solution.

The Remote Online Condition Monitoring system (ROCM) provides real-time condition and diagnostic based information across key operational elements, and creates a scalable framework for the future introduction of both predictive and remote condition based maintenance methodologies.

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How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Facilitate an Enhanced Passenger Experience

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As passengers seek seamless, convenient, and fast transport experiences, the mobility sector has been searching for the latest technology that can take the passenger experience to the next level. Here, we discuss how the latest innovations in IoT are enhancing the passenger experience.

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What can contribute to an enhanced, elevated rail passenger experience?

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We sat down with Monika Singh, Product Manager for Passenger Experience (Engage Portal and OBIS products), who shares which key factors can help to develop a positive, elevated passenger experience on-board rail travel.

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Visit Nomad at InnoTrans 2022

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After four years, we are looking forward to attending InnoTrans 2022 this September, which is set to be an impressive industry ‘Future of Mobility’ showcase.

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Discover OBIS – On Board Information System

Brought to you by our team of experts, our next generation OBIS can enhance the passenger experience by combining real-time journey information and infotainment on a single platform.

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Celebrating World Product Day 2022

To celebrate today, we caught up with our data-driven Insights Product Manager, Swaraj Verma to share a glimpse into his life at Nomad Digital.

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Nomad Digital Passes 2 Years Lost Time Injury (LTI) Free

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The Nomad Digital team are proud to have recently achieved over two years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free.
Read more in our latest article from the Nomad QHSE team.

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John Mills
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Passenger Experience at the forefront of Innovation – DCM & Nomad Digital

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Nomad Digital together with Dynamic Crowd Measurement have completed a successful first of a kind (FOAK) innovation project to provide intelligent, real-time insights to enhance the passenger experience.

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International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Hear from our team as they describe what the engineering industry means to them.

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The Future of the Connected Bus

Nomad Digital aims to support bus operators around the globe in their quest for a greener solution by providing the innovative technology which enables “the connected bus”.

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Joanna Leach
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What Does the Future of Transport Connectivity Look Like?

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We explore the trends and innovations that will revolutionise the future of transport connectivity and provide a seamless door-to-door experience.

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Joanna Leach
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