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Who we are

Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions and trackside networks.

We are dedicated to delivering an enhanced service, offering benefits to passengers and operators by improving connectivity for trains, metros, trams and buses globally.

We have achieved success through innovation, skilled people and hard work. Our international impact is made possible by our people. We strive on creativity and learning and remain committed to investing in and supporting amazing technology.


The intelligent journey - connecting everything

State of the art solutions

Our product range helps improve the passenger experience and delivers efficient technology, both operating on one common platform. We are completely focused on a seamless, smart and enjoyable journey for everyone.


Providing professional Consultancy Services and Expert Advice to help enable you to reach your organisation’s goals and future vision.


Enabling high bandwidth and reliable connectivity to the vehicle that passengers can use via multiple channels for a better experience.


Providing high levels of passenger satisfaction through our Web Portal, with access to Rich Media content and real time journey information.


Enabling architecture and physical infrastructure to support and facilitate data and applications in a seamless way on the vehicle and to the shore.


Allowing vehicle, operations and maintenance staff and other stakeholders access to real time data to improve customer service, operations, capacity, availability and to reduce cost.


The provision of services and tools to help aid the protection of your passengers and your brand, from a potential Cybersecurity attack across your vehicle ecosystem.

Customer Stories

Metro Trains Melbourne, improving efficiencies

The Challenge

To implement the Remote Online Condition Monitoring technology fleet-wide, on a total of more than 400 units, providing the basis for the introduction of preventative and intelligence-driven maintenance practices.

The Solution

Nomad implemented a comprehensive solution which includes train embedded software and hardware, a back-office application for data analysis and visualisation, and a railway engineering support solution.

The Remote Online Condition Monitoring system (ROCM) provides real-time condition and diagnostic based information across key operational elements, and creates a scalable framework for the future introduction of both predictive and remote condition based maintenance methodologies.

Recent Articles

Nomad virtually attends SmartTransit 2020

On 25-26 August 2020, Nomad Digital attended SmartTransit’s first virtual event. The transit focused on agencies across Northern America, who were and still are facing challenges within the rail industry.

Sam Taylor
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We’ve just launched our brand-new Nomad Charity Days

Nomad is offering all staff 2-days each year to volunteer their time, showing a commitment to really give back. "At Nomad we are passionate about making a difference in our local communities, nationally and globally – striving to make changes that count."

Sophie White
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The remote audit and its long-term viability for business


Business audits including, regulatory, compliance, internal, external and every other type of audit including inspection, have been thrust into becoming 'remote and virtual'.

John Mills 2018
John Mills
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Technology is evolving with the Onboard Data Centre

Prior to the Onboard Data Centre, traditional train technology companies such as Nomad Digital have been installing connectivity hardware onboard. The problem is every application added to the train possesses similarities, whether this is obtaining its own hardware or discrete network - increasing the quantity of connectivity hardware on-board.

Sam Taylor
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Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) – why businesses should take it seriously

Security as a Service

In the rail industry, the majority of equipment installed tends to have a long product lifecycle. Take for example your central Communications Control Unit (CCU), they will last up to 10 years on average and are considered to be a valuable asset, handling the communication between the train and shoreside infrastructure.

Sam Taylor
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Smart Safety

Thermal cameras can be an effective tool used worldwide to reignite the public transport industry, whilst fighting the spread of Covid-19. Measurements happen in real-time, no physical contact is needed, and data can be obtained from behind the scenes.

Sam Taylor
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How Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM) is influencing the Railway Industry

Maintenance within railway has evolved considerably, influenced by technology, globalisation and the awareness that we have limited resources.

Sam Taylor
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The evolution of WiFi

WiFi has very quickly become an integral part of people’s daily lives. We’ve come to expect it at home, work and in public areas. We are used to being and staying connected and will rely on WiFi to do everyday tasks such as checking emails, finding directions and posting on social media

Sam Taylor
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Why the high value of connectivity can’t be ignored on the trains

Whilst temporally stopping life as we know it, causing devastation on a personal and economic level, COVID19 has exposed a positive in the high value that good digital connectivity brings to our lives.

Jeremy (3)
Jeremy Haskey
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“Let’s ditch our head office to save some cash”

This temporary move towards home working has been accepted well but lest we forget that as humans in general, we enjoy the sociality of coming together and I don’t see this changing much going forwards and no doubt, as a workforce, I sense people will want to go from having to be apart, to wanting to be together again.

Nick (1)
Nick Camara
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