Passenger security

Transport operators’ high focus on passenger safety is fully supported by Nomad’s on-board security systems. 

A train operator's monitoring centre can see into the vehicle, from the right camera, when a passenger presses the emergency button, or a noise or smoke sensor is triggered, giving passengers a true sense of security during any journey.  Imaging and storage can be completely flexible based on each operator's requirements – and downloads of recordings will only be completed when each vehicle is in the best location.  Nomad’s CCTV capabilities guarantee a safe journey with efficient use of a transport operator’s time and resources, offering both operators and passengers the reassurance of peace of mind travel by improving communication between operators and their passengers.

Upgrading existing CCTV systems: to give real-time visibility and recording of images and video. All of this is possible without relying on a depot visit to extract hard disk drives when footage is required.

  • Recorded CCTV:  ability to review HD CCTV footage recorded 24 hrs a day.
  • Real-time CCTV:  ability to view HD CCTV footage in real-time once an alert has been raised.
  • Emergency screen management: train operators can override information screens to deliver emergency announcements and information.
  • Audio help point: offering passengers access to talk directly to the train operator in a case of emergency.