Passenger information

Keeping passengers informed with the latest journey information is still considered to be in the top three of the biggest challenges facing train operators, it also remains high in passenger complaints when things go wrong.  Increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction through communication is key in a world where information is all around us.

Over and above journey information, other digital services are increasingly becoming more important, from both the providers of such services and the passengers themselves. Live news, weather, infotainment, commercials, media programming etc. delivered directly to your passengers as part of their journeys presents huge opportunities to improve customer experience and potentially generate alternative revenue streams.

Nomad has invested heavily, using the latest technologies and insight from our market leading position, to bring about the next generation of information and infotainment systems.  Using the networked train as an enabler – PIS displays (on-platform/in-train), public address systems, and a passenger portal can be driven from the same IP platform, providing a seamless integration of content, advertising and journey information.

Train operators and manufacturers can select a range of content delivery mechanisms:

  • on-board hosted media: local portal content routinely wirelessly updated
  • location specific media: geo-targeted content supporting destination information, local facilities and tourist attractions, local sponsors and promotions
  • flexible Content Management System: allows operators to manually or automatically change content and distribute rapidly to an entire fleet.