On-board information systems - the next generation

Nomad has many years’ experience leading in on board information systems in the rail industry – with on-platform and in-train screens delivering journey information and announcements. More recently our OBIS solutions have been extended to provide distributed infotainment and commercial content controlled using scheduled programming technology.  This not only delivers a positive passenger experience but also provides train operatores with a revenue opportunity, selling advertising space well into the future, targeted at specific dates and seasons.

Our next generation OBIS built on this platform to also offer other services such as:

  • next station stop
  • moving map: showing where the train is on its route
  • voice to text / text to voice announcements: supporting all accessibility requirements
  • targeted announcements, managed both shore-side or on the train: ranging from arrivals, platform for connections, updated weather, emergency announcements.

We are able to combine passenger information and infotainment on a single platform – allowing you to deliver both types of content in a mix and manner dependant on your infrastructure, nature of your market mix and journey types – from interactive touch screens … to smart phones, from delay announcements for the partially sighted/hard of hearing … to a Hollywood Movie.