Passenger Solutions

Attracting new customers and retaining your existing ones is becoming more and more difficult. Competition, shrinking budgets and the rapidly advancing digital age are all contributing factors.

Reliable wireless internet availability, for example, has become a ‘hygiene factor’ - an ‘expected norm’. When people are away from their home or office they expect it to be available in pubs, restaurants, shopping centres and also on the train – it’s not seen as a premium service item, it’s simply expected. But, it doesn't stop with WiFi... digital content, entertainment and information is all around us in all aspects of our everyday lives and the perception is: ‘why should it stop when we step on to a train?’

Nomad provides innovative real-time passenger solutions via both passenger devices and/or vehicle displays. This covers an extensive range of passenger services including:

  • internet access
  • travel information
  • entertainment delivery
  • security applications.

We are the global leader in public transport passenger WiFi, with over ten years of experience and a growing team of industry experts. Increasing numbers of public transport passengers identify WiFi as a reason for choosing a certain operator. We enable operators to address this need through class-leading
technologies, guaranteeing an outstanding passenger WiFi experience.  We are constantly developing technology and products which guarantee an excellent web access experience, flexible configuration and outstanding reliability.