Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM)

This is where Nomad merges remote condition monitoring, reliability centred maintenance methodology and indepth railway industry knowledge to support operators to improve parameters such as the cost and quality of the maintenance of their assets. By adopting such a strategy, it is possible to optimise the maintenance management and availability of equipment towards quantifiable improvements in both cost-effectiveness and reliability.

This combination provides sizable business improvements, by increasing reliability (by up to 30%) and availability (by up to 20%), therefore reducing LCC.

The Remote Online Condition Monitoring provides in-depth and real-time information on the performance of crucial equipment and components on board – partnered with diagnostic alerts – providing fleet operators and owners the intelligence and sufficient time required to take preventive action.

Intelligent Fleet Management is delivered by Nomad Tech.  Nomad Tech was created as a joint venture with EMEF, the Portuguese Railways company for rolling stock maintenance. For more information please visit the solutions page via Nomad Tech.