Connectivity Solutions

Nomad’s core services are built on a robust, scalable on-vehicle network. Using our own cutting-edge equipment, we build fully secured, integrated networks including vehicles, offices and mobile devices. Nomad’s connectivity allows operators to benefit from services such as CCTV, passenger WiFi and sophisticated telemetry. Scalability and flexibility are the cornerstones of our design, which ensures capacity for future systems development, as well as incorporating the sophisticated needs for entertainment services and passenger information. Our commitment to value and efficiency allows installations to be carried out during scheduled vehicle maintenance, avoiding additional downtime.

Our technology:

  • aggregates multiple mobile networks to guarantee a high level of network coverage and bandwidth availability
  • can offer an unbroken connection between platforms and trains, as well as seamless connections where trains are underground for a significant period of time
  • hosts the WiFi enhancing software which vastly improves the on-board connection for passengers and operators alike
  • provide real-time fleet management information for energy efficicency and operational savings.

Nomad can use any combination of wireless bearers to deliver connectivity to and from the train:

  • cellular: Nomad’s software and hardware constantly evolve to use the fastest mobile network technologies – 4G, LTE and beyond
  • trackside: existing WiMAX networks can be used as part of Nomad’s overall connectivity solutions
  • WCB: (Wireless Client Bridge): direct wireless link from train to an operator-owned infrastructure when in maintenance yard or stations.

Nomad Digital’s connectivity solutions have been deployed by operators across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia and currently inform and entertain four million passengers daily - across the world.  As the leading global provider of connectivity solutions to the rail industry, Nomad is:

  • a specialist in fleet connectivity, offering benefits to passengers and operators by improving connectivity for trains
  • providing innovative real-time passenger solutions via both passenger devices and vehicle displays
  • offering an extensive range of passenger services including passenger WiFi, infotainment, entertainment delivery, travel information and security applications
  • providing valuable location and status information to operators to drive lower maintenance costs and higher availability.

Passengers benefit from more reliable internet, media entertainment and real-time journey information.

Transport operators gain through increased customer satisfaction, but also through improved fleet reliability and availability, energy efficiency, lower operating costs and improved safety.