Global Services


Once you have decided on the best solution for your business, our Project Managers, Project Engineers and all of our support staff are here to ensure that it gets delivered on time, within budget, and to the quality levels that you expect. Projects are challenging, and sometimes we encounter bumps along the way, but we always ensure that we deliver on our promises – this is one of our core beliefs. 

Nomad has deep expertise and experience in implementing WiFi, PIS and CBM solutions globally. Our staff have a unique mix of technology, telecoms and rail expertise, ensuring that we consider all aspects of what it required to implement a complex technology solution on a moving vehicle.  We cover all aspects of the implementation, from start to finish, including:

  • Project management and governance: the Nomad team ensure that the project is well managed, and delivered wherever possible on-time, to-budget, and to the desired quality levels.  Nomad’s Project Managers utilise the Prince2 delivery methodology to plan each project phase and execute it successfully, working closely with our customers to handle any issues.  A comprehensive governance framework is deployed, with each project being independently reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Solution architecture and design: Nomad Project Engineers, working with other third parties, develop the final architecture and detailed design to meet our customers’ exacting requirements.  All designs are reviewed to ensure they meet all the necessary quality requirements, including EN50155.
  • Realisation: once the design is approved, our Project Managers procure all of the necessary components, including CCUs, access points, switches, cables and much more.  These items are then delivered to the required location, and assembled into the final solution.  If any equipment requires configuration, this is then carried out.
  • Testing and verification: Project Engineers then test the final solution within a laboratory environment to make sure that everything works as expected, and any issues are resolved and dealt with before continuing.  The Network Operating Centre is commissioned and tested.  Once signed-off, the solution is then tested on a vehicle, again resolving any issues that result.  Once successful, further dynamic and commissioning tests are then completed, and the solution is then demonstrated to the customer for acceptance. 
  • Deployment &and commissioning:  the accepted solution is then rolled out to the entire fleet of vehicles. Nomad works with third parties to install and commission the equipment where specific quality requirements and skills are needed.
  • Solution transition:  once a vehicle is commissioned and taken into service, the vehicle is then handed over to Nomad’s Maintenance and Operations teams.  These teams will then support the vehicle during normal operations. The project is closed when all vehicles have been successfully handed over.

Nomad also provides the customer the option to operate the system themselves, or to allow Nomad to operate the system on their behalf.