Global Services


Nomad provides a number of operational services to take away the stress of running and maintaining systems and applications yourselves. Nomad will setup and run the Network Operating Centre or the Passenger Helpdesk on your behalf, ensuring that your customers get the best possible service from our experienced staff.  Nomad also provides a menu of operational services from which you can select and which provides additional and ongoing value to your particular solution.

Nomad’s Operate service portfolio involves a set of service components which Nomad operates on behalf of the customer. These service components include:

  • Solution service governance: monthly service reviews covering the relevant service components. Includes escalation management, critical issue resolution and continuous improvement.
  • Passenger helpdesk: Nomad provides a helpdesk directly for passengers on the train. Nomad will handle all passenger calls and enquiries, and progress these to resolution as required. 
  • On-board operations: Nomad will proactively monitor all equipment on the train, and should an error be detected, proactively inform the customer and progress the issue to resolution.  Monitoring reporting and customer applications.
  • Infrastructure operations: installing, managing and monitoring the Network Operating Centre, either Nomad, customer or cloud hosted.
  • Product lifecycle management: proactive service involving the ongoing improvement and upgrade of both on-board and NOC components over an extended period. 
  • Data assurance: data requirements sizing, SIM provision, SIM management, data usage control and usage reporting.