Global Services


Nomad's customers look to us to provide expert guidance and advice for WiFi, OBIS and ROCM solutions primarily within the rail sector. We pride ourselves on having some of the best people in the industry who have the unique blend of information technology, rail skills and experience across EMEA, North America and Asia Pacific.  We are here to help you understand where the market is heading, what options are right for your business, what questions you should be answering, and how best to extract the greatest value from the current technology for the best possible price.

Nomad offers a range of advisory services to help our customers meet their requirements, and the requirements of their passengers. These advisory services include:

  • WiFi, PIS and CBM solution designs: design solutions to meet your data connection and infotainment needs.
  • Radio Frequency Design Reviews: review your Radio Frequency designs and recommend improvements to maximise the passenger experience.
  • Coverage surveys: identify the best operators and connection approaches to maximise the connectivity between the vehicle, the internet, and any other applications.
  • Data assurance services: develop approaches to maximise the data used whilst controlling operational costs.
  • Upgrade reviews: review existing solutions and make recommendations on possible upgrades and upgrade approaches.