Security on screen


Queensland Rail is one of Australia’s largest transport companies. It operates around 200 commuter and regional services along 7,000km of track for over 440,000 customers a year.


Queensland Rail wanted to improve security for passengers and staff by streaming live video in the event of an incident. The solution needed to overcome the poor mobile network coverage in some parts of Australia, while optimising quality for data-hungry applications such as high-quality CCTV.


A video link, triggered by a passenger-activated alarm, gives instant access to the control room, so that security can look into the train carriage and deal with any incident.

Nomad’s technology uses the three main mobile carrier networks to guarantee a higher level of network coverage and better bandwidth availability. 

Queensland Rail, Australia


While the broadband service was originally set up to improve safety, passenger feedback highlighted the need for connectivity while travelling too. Embedded software decides what traffic takes priority – so camera footage takes precedence over passenger WiFi.


The improved train connectivity has led to better security on Queensland Rail trains and improved its reputation as a leading-edge rail operator.  And with Nomads communication platform, Queensland Rail also has the potential to easily add applications such as remote train announcements, timetable updates and condition based monitoring. It also offers Queensland Rail the ability to generate revenue from advertising.