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Via Rail Canada is an independent Crown corporation, subsidized by the Minister of Transport, mandated to offer intercity passenger rail services in Canada.  Established by the Canadian government in 1977, VIA Rail Canada breathed new life into the country's railways by becoming its first national passenger rail company.

VIA Rail operation on 12,500 km rail network.  3.8 million passenger trips were made in 2014, covering 1.3 billion kilometres.  VIA Rail has 73 locomotives and 426 train cars, across a range of passenger, sleeper, dining, lounge and baggage cars.


VIA Rail was looking at ways to stand out and increase their customer loyalty, contracting Nomad to provide WiFi for its long-haul train, the Ocean.


Nomad implemented a WiFi connectivity solution that allowed seamless wireless connection throughout the 1000km journey between Quebec and Windsor, Ontario.

VIA Rail, Canada

Within the first few weeks of availability, passengers using the WiFi transferred 58GB of data – the equivalent of 100,000 web pages or 58,000 emails – at no extra cost.