Horizon™ - new software platform to transform passenger experience

Horizon™ - Nomad’s new software platform set to transform the on-board rail passenger experience

  • 300% increase in Broadband throughput performance, delivering up to 900Mbps
  • Set to deliver the fastest and most reliable on-board WiFi experience in the world
  • Fully integrated with all modern technologies, including full support of LTE-A
  • Fully integrated passenger Portal and Content Management System
  • Fully compatible with all Nomad CCU hardware

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 20 September 2016)  Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the rail industry is pleased to announce Horizon™; the next generation in mobile routing software that is set to transform the on-board WiFi experience for rail operators and their passengers around the world.

Horizon is an industry game-changer and the result of extensive research into both passenger and rail operator requirements, including a detailed analysis of the behaviours of modern cellular networks and the underlying technologies that can deliver the most optimum wireless broadband experience on a train. It is a complete ground-up redesign and implementation of mobile routing functionality to fully exploit the capabilities of modern cellular networks now and in the future.

For train operators, the Horizon software platform has the potential to increase average throughput performance by up to 300%, and importantly has achieved an industry-leading performance of up to 900Mbps data throughput. Extensive bandwidth management (QoS) ensures that the operator has flexibility over the prioritisation and differentiation of service.

Horizon is fully compatible with all of the most modern technologies and fully supports LTE-A. It comes with a fully integrated Portal and Content Management System, enabling rail operators to easily create and quickly distribute feature-rich page content to trains, in addition to having the capability to deliver enriched multimedia content and infotainment. Horizon’s open architecture, also accommodates the integration of third-party and industry-standard applications, enabling operators to significantly improve the speed of deployment and lower the cost of delivering both passenger and operational added value services. In an age of state-sponsored and criminal cyber-attacks, the security mechanisms of Horizon have been at the forefront of the new design.

For on-board rail passengers, Horizon will deliver significantly higher aggregated broadband WiFi speeds to the train, and offers the potential for more sophisticated content to be delivered more quickly therefore improving the overall on-board experience for passengers.

Improved fleet management and cost savings are generated through enhanced telemetry and rich APIs - with more extensive information on system performance.

Designed and developed using industry-standard protocols and operating systems, Horizon will deliver significant enhancement in connectivity and broadband performance to all currently deployed Nomad WiFi solutions, with full compatibility for all existing and new customers.

Andrew Taylor, Nomad Digital Group CEO, said: “Since 2002, Nomad has pioneered the development and delivery of WiFi broadband on trains, and the announcement today of our new next-generation Horizon software platform, will create a significant step-change in performance for both our existing and new customers, and their passengers.”

Alf Pilgrim, Nomad Digital CTO, said; “Adopting a highly-scalable, flexible software platform, is of strategic importance to our customers, and it is our strong belief that Horizon will be a game changer in the industry ensuring the hardware platforms and associated networking technology can perform to their maximum.”

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About Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital (Nomad) is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the railway industry. It offers a broad solutions portfolio to both train operators and train builders that facilitates a significantly enhanced passenger experience. The integration of Nomad products and services into the on-train environment improves levels of passenger and train connectivity, provides journey information and entertainment facilities and increases the in-service time and operational efficiency of the fleet.

Nomad is the pioneer of the Networked Train – a shared and secure internet-standards based network infrastructure to which all authorised on-board systems and passenger devices may connect. This networking platform allows on-board devices to communicate with each other and, with the outside world, while maintaining a secure separation between passenger facing applications and those systems responsible for the safe operation of the train. Through the adoption of industry standards, augmented with added-value Nomad interfaces and features, customers can be assured of a functionally rich, future-proofed platform on which to deploy new applications and services.

Nomad’s integrated and scalable solutions include the multi-award winning and patent-protected Passenger WiFi, enabling seamless connectivity with the internet and on-board infotainment.  In addition, its Passenger Information System for live journey, multi-media information and Passenger Portal Framework simplifies the creation of custom portals to on-board services and entertainment. While Nomad’s Remote Online Condition Monitoring, Driver Assist and Power Train products are targeted at more efficient fleet maintenance operations and improving fuel economy.

Nomad Digital is an international business, with sales and service centres in several locations around the world and product development facilities in the UK (Newcastle), Germany (Hildesheim) and Portugal (Porto).

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company remains an innovative market leader, providing products, services and solutions - directly or indirectly – across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Currently serving more than 80+ global customers – in more than 40 countries - including train builders such as Alstom, Bombardier and Hitachi, and leading train operating companies, such as ÖBB, Amtrak, Via Rail, Eurostar, GWR, NS, NSB, PKP, Queensland Rail, and Virgin Trains.

Nomad’s technology is used by circa 2 billion passengers annually, with solutions on more than 100 fleets, across 20,000+ vehicles, utilising 37,000+ passenger information screens, carrying 15+ million WiFi monthly sessions.  In the UK, Nomad’s passenger WiFi services are deployed on 75% of all WiFi connected trains and its position as a global player is borne out by almost 50% market share of connected (WiFi enabled) vehicles in the international heavy rail sector.