Ground-breaking trackside network solution sets benchmark for US metro

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 9 June 2016)  Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail sector, has successfully procured, designed and implemented the very first WiMAX trackside system to support operationally critical rail signalling communications in North America.

Utilising its unique combination of in-depth digital rail experience and wireless radio planning expertise, Nomad has taken the project from an initial concept stage and designed and developed a unique trackside to on-board communications solution for Xorail (Wabtec Corp.) - a leading US rail systems integrator - providing an integrated signalling solution for Denver Transit Partners.

The brand new metro, Denver Eagle P-3 Commuter Rail Service, connects the airport and other outlying districts of Denver with the central Denver Union Station, adding over 40km of new routes to the existing light rail system.

The solution, which is considered to be a world-first, provides a robust, highly redundant, connectivity platform, which enables the delivery and management of critical operational applications such as positive train control, closed-circuit television, passenger emergency information, public announcement and maintenance data systems.

The resounding benefit to the transportation operator is enhanced safety and improved fleet optimisation. Most importantly, the communications system complies with Federal Railroad Administration standards for positive train control, a mandate that requires every rail system to provide an automated service that has a train-stop safety capability in case of loss of communication with the centre.

Through an innovative, strategic partnership with Xorail (Wabtec Corp.), Nomad designed the on-board and trackside components of the WiMAX track-to-shore communications system. The system leverages Nomad’s IP technology and connects the fleet of railcars to 50 trackside WiMAX transmission sites arranged to give multiple redundant operation, and so maximum availability.  The WiMAX system deployment has been completed on the first and largest of three corridors, the “University of Colorado A Line” to Denver International Airport, with two additional corridors, “Gold Line” to the Western suburbs and “Northwest Corridor” scheduled for service by the end of this year.

Damian Bryant, Nomad President and CEO Americas, said “In a collaborative partnership with Xorail, Denver Transit Partners, the Regional Transportation District and City of Denver, we have introduced an innovative WiMAX communications solution for rail operational application transmissions. Through Nomad’s design engineering expertise and utilisation of our R3200 platform, we have delivered a first in America, which sets the benchmark for trackside communications networks and enables the operator to run a safer and more efficient service for its passengers.”

Andrew Taylor, Nomad Digital CEO, said “This is a truly exciting project, which through collaboration with our partners has delivered a global first in the North American market. A combination of technical thought leadership, digital and engineering excellence and rail expertise has resulted in a solution which has global strategic relevance to the rail industry.”


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About Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the transportation sector and is a pioneer of fleet digitisation. It boasts a rich suite of passenger and operational applications and services, which enables operators to significantly enhance the passenger experience, while delivering improved levels of reliability, safety and operational efficiencies.

Nomad’s solutions include its market leading connectivity and WiFi suite of products and services, Passenger Information Systems (PIS), on-board entertainment platforms and Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methodologies.

Nomad is an international business, with product development facilities in the UK (Newcastle), Germany (Hildesheim) and Portugal (Porto).

Founded in 2002 in the North East of England, the company has grown consistently as an innovative market leader providing products and services and solutions directly or indirectly to more than 50 major global customers, including names such as Alstom, Bombardier and Hitachi and leading train operating companies (TOCs) such as Amtrak, Eurostar, GWR, NS, NSB, PKP, Queensland Rail, Virgin and Via Rail.

In the UK, Nomad’s passenger WiFi services are deployed on 75% of all WiFi connected trains and its position as a global player is borne out by a 47% market share of connected (WiFi enabled) vehicles in the international rail sector.

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