Why we are connecting more than just passengers

Making sure our people are connected to our philosophy and vision is crucial for a growing company like ours, writes Dawn Robinson, Global HR Director at Nomad Digital.

Last week I attended the regional CIPD Awards as a judge and it was great to see so much talent regionally in the north east. The awards provided the opportunity to recognise that talent and I’d like to congratulate all those that took part, as it was noticeable how much work had gone into the submissions.

And it may well be Nomad’s chance to participate next year with our new ‘Enabling Excellence’ and training programmes due to be launched later this year.

Talent is crucial to continually moving a business forward. We hope our new Careers pages help provide the opportunity to really see what an innovative, exciting place Nomad is to join. Please do have a look when you get the time http://nomad-digital.com/careers/about-nomad/

Why we are connecting more than just passengers image

When we recruit we have our customers – international rail operators - firmly in mind. A successful Nomad employee is one that will successfully engage and collaborate with our customers. We want people with the right skills but also the right attitude. We are recruiting for the future as much as the present. Maintaining a team of people that can lead us into the future alongside our customers is vital for the sustainable growth of Nomad.

Once we have attracted our new people though we cannot just rely on them to make their own journey here. We want them to display leadership skills and be accountable and confident enough to challenge convention, but we must clearly communicate our values and company vision to our new people so we set out a path with them. It’s only through our more experienced employees living those values, through their trustworthy and collaborative approach with clients and colleagues that we can provide a basis of development for our new people. It means our values become more than a strapline. It’s what we call our people strategy.

That’s why we’ve worked hard developing the ways in which our people engage with each other. Town Hall meetings give opportunities to share views and flag issues with the leadership team. Regular emails from our CEO, Andrew Taylor, update everyone on the latest news. Global web video calls with Andrew and myself ensure our people across the world are involved in the company's thinking.

Initiatives we've recently launched also include a new "buddy" system for on-boarding new joiners, and I plan to talk to all new starts personally during their first 3-6 months. Our Employee Recognition Scheme is seeing many of our people nominating their colleagues for their exceptional contributions to the company, who are then rewarded.

We’ve also been busy revamping our processes, documentation and resources - helping to maintain structure, consistency and efficiency as the company grows, and also ensuring that our global offices remain fully connected to company thinking and can participate in the company’s identity as it continues to flourish.  This is an ongoing process as we win new business and develop new solutions. Delivering world-firsts means you can’t follow others processes or approaches - it’s up to us to implement our own strategy as we drive forward exciting new initiatives globally.

Having the right environment for our people to have their views heard wherever they are based in the company is vital – especially when our staff are spread across so many different locations, supporting our customers on the ground on four continents. We set up our new management community to support all staff in creating and implementing new initiatives and ways of doing things, whether within departments or across the whole company.  And this management community relies on each other to share news within their teams as well, so covering this cascading of information vertically as well as horizontally.

Nomad Digital is at a very exciting point on its journey of growth. We’re working on innovative new products, winning contracts and developing new solutions with the biggest and most forward-thinking rail and transport companies in the world. We’re also creating innovative thinkers of the future. Our leaders through their actions and attitudes are creating the future leaders of tomorrow who may have only just started on their journey with Nomad. 

Creating and maintaining the right culture and working environment, together with the structure and resources to support that, means the company can grow in a sustainable way which maximises opportunity for everyone, allowing our people to develop their careers. I like to say that Nomad is not just about connecting trains and transport systems, it’s about connecting people – and that applies to the way we work together here – today and tomorrow!