‘connecting everything’ - becoming a reality


I’m Sophie White, Nomad Digital’s new Marketing Assistant. I started 2 July 2018 feeling very nervous as I didn’t have any experience in this industry, but I love everything about the job! Not only have I now got an understanding of how WiFi works on trains, but I get to work with the individuals who make it a reality which I find very exciting! I am new to the industry, but please enjoy my blog/thoughts about how our vision – ‘connecting everything’ is becoming a reality with on-board WiFi.

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The importance of real time data and on-board WiFi

Here at Nomad Digital, we are a project delivery driven company, with our customers at the forefront of every decision. We are a global organisation with expert employees, who set us apart from our competitors. This years’ InnoTrans was a great example of this. Our Nomad specialists covered a range of topics from, connectivity, entertainment partnerships to creating a mobile app prototype (in just two weeks) for the Networked Train. It was so interesting!

Anyway, a topic which came up a few times at InnoTrans was ‘The Networked Train’ or our ‘connecting everything’ vision and how we tackle it. The Rail Business Daily expresses that train companies are to publish more real-time information to enable tech firms to develop intelligent apps for the future. That sounds exciting right? Well, Nomad are already working on this and are a step ahead!

At InnoTrans our Head of Development, Carlos Palminha, talked about how Digital Transformation is already a reality in the rail market and how data is a key part of the digitisation journey. Basically, Nomad’s digital train vision is all about collecting data from different sources, storing this data and processing it in a scalable data platform.

WiFi on trains plays a vital role in our ‘connecting everything’ vision. So, it’s important that we get it right and try to change the stigma of ‘bad’ WiFi on trains!

Buying Business Travel explain that a key issue for train operators is to overcome providing reliable/free WiFi on trains. Reliable WiFi is one thing and another is making it free to use for the customers. Surely there must be a good enough reason to invest in on-board WiFi from a train operators’ point of view? Well, a great example of this can be found in our recent case study with Translink, where we converse on how our solution can improve the heavily discussed topic.

Translink wanted to improve their customer experience by having their WiFi upgraded and by enhancing their connectivity solution, across their bus and train fleets, to deliver a seamless and integrated service which provides a strong-performing free WiFi solution to passengers. Our job was to provide a modern WiFi solution on their fleets, which resulted in their passenger surveys recording an increase in the number of web sessions, with a decrease in customer complaints and an increase in passenger satisfaction scores. It’s always great to hear that our customers satisfaction is on the up!

The future of mobility was key at this years’ InnoTrans and I believe that Nomad Digital play an energetic role in this. With the combination of WiFi on trains, our soon to be Networked Train app and more data available from train operators, Nomad can make journeys simple, enjoyable and smart.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Nomad blog and if you have an idea for a future topic, contact me at – marketing@nomadrail.com