Internal communications

As a global company, we have colleagues across three continents, based in many locations.  It's important that we communicate with each other, not only within our own offices and regions, but also across all our geographies, sharing our skills and expertise, as well as building networks which strengthen our delivery for our customers.   

Our internal communications cover both formal and informal channels, and some are regional specific, some customer specific, and some across the company.

Our more formal channels include quarterly Town Halls held in Rockville, Hildesheim, Haarlem, Brisbane and Newcastle, with our staff from other locations dialling in for the tele-conference.

We also hold monthly 'People Forums' which are tele-conferences in those months that we don't hold a Town Hall.  This is hosted by a member of the Senior Management Team and can cover one or more topics, which can be an update on a release, launch, new internal system, customer win or update on genernal company business.

And we also have 'Yammer' - our internal social media platform - which is open to all employees.  This is a great way to update everyone - or specific working groups or teams - on company or customer news, sharing links to useful information as well as on updates etc.