Nomad Digital - a global footprint

Nomad is a relatively small company – with a big global footprint.

Our offering is based on local delivery capabilities, informed by global expertise. We’re expanding all the time to serve customers in new territories: recently we’ve opened offices in Rockville, San Jose and Vienna.

That makes us a culturally diverse company, with people from many countries (and from many regions within countries). Our people tend to work for local customers, but inevitably there are opportunities for travel to support projects or take up posts elsewhere in the world.

We have a matrix company structure which gives us consistency and reduces the lack of overlap of roles.  Teams are hosted locally in the relevant country offices, with a central support structure and shared expertise across the company

Whether based in one of our global offices or working remotely, all our people benefit from the support of a local team and a local manager.  This is coupled with centralised global expertise and support in areas such as Strategy, R&D, Global Services, Finance and Planning. Naturally, as a global company, in order to support our people, we recognise and follow local employment laws.

The video is a summary from Andrew Taylor, Chairman, Nomad Tech.