We are committed to delivering enhanced passenger services and intelligent fleet management.

Nomad Digital is the leading global provider of passenger and fleet-management end-to-end digital solutions to the rail industry.  We are a specialist in fleet connectivity, offering benefits to both passengers and operators by improving connectivity for trains, metros, trams and buses on the move.  We design, build, deploy and maintain passenger WiFi and onboard passenger information systems, and we provide intelligent fleet management via remote condition-based monitoring and maintenance solutions for optimising fleet management and operational performance.  

Passengers benefit from more reliable internet, media entertainment and real-time journey information.

Transport operators gain through increased customer satisfaction – but also through improved fleet reliability and availability, energy efficiency, lower operating costs and improved safety.

Headquartered in the UK, with more than 50 customers across the world, our solutions have been deployed by operators across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, with over 70 customer projects worldwide, supported by a global network of staff and offices. 

Our technology is used on:

  • more than 11,000 vehicles, representing 47% global market share for passenger WiFi
  • 36,000 PIS screens provide infotainment to 1.7 billion passengers each year
  • our systems carry 7 million WiFi sessions each month
  • serving more than 50 customers in over 20 countries 
  • and covering 50,000 miles of track annually. 

Our customers include the world’s leading transport operators, manufacturers and maintenance providers and our solutions have been deployed on a wide variety of trains, metros, trams and buses, as both refit and new-build projects.

Customers include train operating companies such as Amtrak (USA), Arriva (UK, Netherlands and Denmark), DSB (Denmark), East Midlands Trains (UK), Eurostar (UK), First Scotrail (UK), Heathrow Express (UK), New York PATH (USA), Northern Ireland Rail (UK), NS (Netherlands), NSB (Norway), Queensland Rail (Australia), TPG (Switzerland), ViaRail (Canada) and Virgin Trains (UK) - as well as vehicle manufacturers and maintainers such as Alstom, Bombardier, Evobus, Hitachi, Siemens, Stadler and Talgo.

Nomad Digital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alstom.