A history of innovation

Nomad is committed to innovation and continued development of its solutions. This philosophy has resulted in us delivering many of the world firsts in ICT fleet connectivity.

  • World-first live broadcast TV delivered to enhance passenger experience [ÖBB]
  • Ground-breaking trackside network solution for US metro [Xorail (Wabtec Corp.) for Denver Transit Partners]
  • Genuine broadband passenger WiFi service [Southern]
  • Use of 802.16/WiMax to connect to trains [Southern]
  • Seamless tunnel connectivity passenger WiFi solution [HEX]
  • Demonstration of live CCTV to/from moving train [Southern, TfL]
  • On-board movie-on-demand service to passengers using WiFi  [NSB]
  • Seamless train-station platform WiFi session handover [Dubai Metro]
  • Real-time automated integrated passenger information portal and PIS [NS]
  • Purpose built trackside-network for passenger services [Utah, Brighton]
  • Mixed carrier backhaul for on-train femtocell [Southern]
  • Aggregated multi-SIM cross border WiFi services [Talgo Cascades]
  • Introduced ground breaking internet acceleration technology [PEP Charger]